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23 May 2007

$18,692.48 Plus $16,331.64 Plus $6,094.40 In Premium
For Agents Information Only

How we helped one of our brokers pull in an additional $22,426.04 in premium

One of our brokers had 66 year old male who wanted a 20 year guaranteed term plan for himself and his 67 year old wife.

When the agent called to ask about it we advised him to check out William Penn's Advantra product.  The agent had already sold them LTCi plans a year earlier (totaling $18,692.48).  Now he picked up an additional $19,333.00 in life premium for the Advantra Plus a few months later the husband applied for and was issued a 2nd Advantra policy with a $6,094.40 annual premium.

He liked the 20 year no lapse guarantee because he couldn't get a 20 year term at his age.............so the Advantra gave him a fully guaranteed premium for 20 years..

So if we add it all up............$44,001 (including the LTC) nice bit of pocket change.

Here's some sample Advantra quotes: http://files.lrcassoc.com/WilliamPenn/AdvantraSamples/

Need a quote? http://www.lrc-ga.com/lifequote.html

Todd Concklin