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29 May 2007

CASH Boost
For Agent's Information Only

Let's face it, everybody loves CASH!
Especially when they need it most....at claim time!

That most definitely includes your clients and prospects!  Especially clients you've sold LTCi in the past who may want to add more home care coverage as shown in the 2 examples below.  You can send them follow up letter to see how they're doing and to let them know that they now have the opportunity to add a cash benefit to beef up their home care portfolio..........right where they need it most.

Read on......

A Cash Boost is a wrap around policy that can be purchased to:
• Provide a Cash Benefit
• Increase an insured’s total benefit amount
• Provide earlier access to benefits, and/or
• Add Home Care coverage.

MedAmerica's CASH BOOST concept.  WOW!  I was amazed and I know you will be too.

Why Cash Boost?

Case A: Receive Benefits Sooner & Have Cash in Hand
For clients who have a reimbursement policy with Service
Day EP and/or a high Elimination Period, purchasing a
Simplicity Cash Boost for a minimal benefit amount and
low EP, the Simplicity policy could be the first policy to be
tapped.Your client will not only receive the benefits
sooner, but also receive cash to use for care from
whomever they want, wherever they want.

Case B: Your Home Can Still be Your Castle,
When Cash is King
For clients who may not have or do not have enough
Home Care coverage,
and who have a reimbursement
policy, a Simplicity Home Care Boost will provide them
with the cash to pay for the care and services they
need to preserve their lifestyle when long term care is

This may just be what the Dr. ordered for pumping up your income!

MedAmerica knows "Cash is King" and has come up with an innovative marketing concept that just may light your sales on fire!
Make Cash By Offering Your Existing Clients What They Really Want--CASH!

Help your clients buy what they really want
(a way to stay at home if they are on claim) with an LTCi CASH BOOST from MedAmerica and make more sales from prospects you would have given up on......a nice CASH COMMISSION BOOST for you!

CASH BOOST an innovative, highly saleable concept that just may add some girth to your bank account!

Want to get started making more money? get a quote http://www.lrc-ga.com/ltcquote.html and talk to your clients about it before someone else does!

If you are appointed and would like software to run your own proposals, let me know.  If you would like to get appointed let me know!

Only doing group business? Okay, here's something special for you! MedAmerica's TrueGroup

Thank you for your continued support, we sincerely appreciate it.

Todd Concklin