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30 Jan 2009

For Agents Information Only.


Here's a fantastic example of why you brokers doing group health insurance are in such a great position to write a ton of Medicare Supplement business without batting an eye!

We received an order from one of our long-time brokers for 14 applicationsI just got done sealing up the box and slapping the UPS shipping label on it.  John from UPS will walk through the front door like clock-work at 4:15 PM to pick it up.

Here's what happened:  He has a group with 7 employees who are Medicare Eligible. He's taking them and their 7 spouses off the group plan, making Medicare Primary and signing them up for Plan-F. 

So, why does the employer love himBecause he cut their premium in half by moving them onto the supplement.

I think it's self-explanatory why he loves them back, but I'll say it anyway - because he just made 14 new sales by making one sale to the employer who couldn't be happier to cut his premium outlay in half!

It's not every day (unless you're working your groups this way) that you have people enthusiastically in love with you after giving you 17 new sales.

WOW!  That's hard to beat.

Do you have group health clients? If so you should be looking for opportunities to do the same thing this smart broker did before someone else does.

Take a look at your existing groups today and let me know how many applications you'd like me to ship out to you!

Not an expert on Medicare and Medicare Supplements?  So what! That's what we're here for.  It's easier then you think and after a few minutes on the phone with me you'll see why.  Give me a call or email me.  1-800-443-5149 / todd@lrcassoc.com today and get started.


Stay tuned for our upcoming Medicare Supplement webinar - space will be limited to the first 15 people who sign up.

Start 2009 Right!  There's never been a better time to get involved in the senior market.

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Todd Concklin