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10 Dec 2008


Well it's official.  Hard to believe, but official. . . . as of last weekend (12/07) we have been here at our 85 West Street location for 10 years!!

26 years in the Senior Market.

And......I'll be celebrating 10 years in my House in a couple weeks too.  I remember it vividly.  We moved in 2 just days before Christmas.  Talk about stressful!  We packed up the Condo made the journey to the new house.  The kids were worried that Santa would not find them at the new location.  We had a good laugh and assured them that he would.  One good thing was that we got a great deal on a Christmas tree the night before Christmas!  There was a lot to do but we got it done and, as is our tradition, had Christmas at our new place.  I don't know how my wife did it but she did (with a little help from my mother).

It's amazing to see the technological changes that come along in 10 years also. The "stuff" we have (which was new when we moved in) is getting obsolete already so we're in the process of upgrading our server, workstations and Internet connection.  We're getting everything up-to-date and streamlined in the next couple of weeks to keep up with the times.

So, with any luck we will be up and running even faster and more efficiently by January.

The personal webinars have become an extreme success. We've added an LTCi presentation in addition to the Med Supp one.  If you haven't already signed up, do so today (see link below).

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Todd Concklin