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18 Dec 2008

Luckily for me yesterday was my scheduled "work from home" day. Schools were closed because we had an inch or so of ice.  I drove my oldest daughter to work around 7:00 am and then came home and scraped off my driveway and sidewalk after helping a women who had skidded off the road on the way home.  That was tough work only made worse later in the day when I noticed that my lazy neighbors who didn't bother doing theirs got lucky because it melted away.  It didn't seem fair to me for some reason! 

Anyway, we're expecting another storm tomorrow (Friday) so we're doing the banking today incase I can't make the hour trip down to Rockland.  I'm actually expecting between 6 & 12 inches of snow up here.  WOW!  Good thing I have the snow blower gassed up and ready to go.

So what's the nice thing about the storm?  Well, it's the fact that I can still do my scheduled mini-personal webinars from my home office.

If you're planning to be snowed in you may want to schedule one with me tomorrow - I'll have some time and you may just give me the excuse I need to get out of doing the housework my wife has planned for me.

Click Here for more info: http://www.lrc-ga.com/Personalwebinar.html (I can be a little more flexible on the time slots after 11:00 AM) - just let me know.

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Todd Concklin