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25 Nov 2008

What do you remember about thanksgiving?  Was it the food?  Was it watching football...............or heading "over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house?"

It's strange.  While I'm sitting at my desk here at work I'm surrounded by memories from Thanksgiving Past.   It's actually hard for me not to be.  Images of past Thanksgivings are floating all around me.  You see, my desk sits squarely in the middle of the room where all the action was each year on Thanksgiving....The living room.

If you didn't already know it, our office is in what was once my mother's house where she grew up.  It was a 2 family home.  My mom, her sister and my grandma and grandpa all lived in an upstairs apartment while my grandmother's sister, Husband and 2 kids lived downstairs.  It was built over 100 years ago by my great grandfather from, get this, a Sears-Roebuck Kit.  Amazing!

REMINDER: We are closed Thursday and Friday (11/27 & 11/28) for the Thanksgiving Holiday

view of LRC inner office where we used to celebrate Thanksgiving Holidays!

A while ago my dad bought the place, renovated the downstairs into an office and the basement into a supply area while my grandpa continued to live upstairs until he passed on last year (at 101 years old). 

In fact next month we are celebrating 10 years in this location (over 26 in total).  WOW, hard to believe.

Anyway, back on track. So what are the memories that last made of?  For me it was the people, the sights, the sounds and Oh those smells.

One fond memory I have was when I was probably around 8 years old or so.  I was sitting in my grandma's upstairs apartment with my brother Ed.  We were watching a TV marathon of Mighty Joe Young and King Kong back-to-back while everyone was busy getting the day under way. 

The best part of my memory was hearing that that squeaky oven door just down the hall as my grandmother periodically checked up on the 2nd turkey and basted it in her upstairs oven and the aroma that would hit us every time she did it.  Then there was the hustle and bustle as everyone attended to their jobs. Up and down the stairs they went.  Some were chef's, some were table setters, some were turkey carvers (my dad's job).  And of course some were the schleppers (me and the other younger kids).  We were the ones going to get the extra chairs for the table and whatever else needed to be carted around.

Every year my great-aunt (my mother's aunt), Aunt Lois, would take in a stray or 2 off the street and sit them in a place of honor at the table. I'll never forget how she not only took them in but also showed them respect and love.  I can remember how grateful these people were not only for the huge and delicious meal but also for the company, to be part of a group on Thanksgiving instead of being forgotten, hungry and alone.

Well, those years have passed and nowadays our new Thanksgiving tradition is to head out to my brother Ed's in the Poconos.  He's the one with the campground.  The kids (young and old alike) all love this time of year out there when the campground is closed because that can only mean one thing!   Riding! Yes, ATV's mini bikes and motorcycles!  All over the campground you'll see these juggernauts everywhere flying past with that unmistakable ear-to-ear grin.

Eventually they'll drag us in by the ear and say it's time to eat.  My mom will embarrass everyone into telling what they're thankful for before she lets us eat and then it's on!  Chow time!  Better pay attention with me and my 2 brothers around or you're liable to lose a finger.

Then there's the after-dinner walk.  You know when everyone eats 3 times more then they normally do, they need to walk some of it off.  Hopefully there'll be a couple of snow showers to make the scene complete (very possible after looking up the weather).

Anyway, that's my Thanksgiving story.  I hope you enjoyed it.

We here at LRC want to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving. 


We also want to thank you for your continued support as LRC continues to grow and expand.  We sincerely appreciate it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

......From Your Friends at LRC......

Todd Concklin