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2 Jul 2008

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Simple & Easy Senior Market Success


The Senior Market (LTCi & Medicare Supplemental) can be a confusing place for consumer and broker alike.   If you let it!

And if it's confusing..... A) Most brokers will pass up this lucrative market  OR  B) The consumer won't make a purchasing decision.

One of the secrets our most successful brokers use which rank them among the leading sellers is they keep it simple.  You know, the ole' "KISS" acronym.  It's easy to go off on a tangent talking about Parts A, B and D of Medicare......Or the differences between the 14 Standardized Supplements A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K and L ..... or The Part-D (Rx.) Supplements etc. etc.




  • So how are these successful brokers keeping it simpleQuite simply, they are focusing on 2 plans......Plan-F and Plan-F+ (High Deductible F).  These 2 plans pretty much cover everything most people want and need.  One has a much lower premium but a deductible for those who are healthier and would rather save the premium dollars.  Our carrier also has a special Part-D (Rx.) Dept. set up to handle your client's Rx. needs.  These successful brokers are also finding that once they take care of the senior's immediate need for health insurance it leads to more sales for other products to the senior and to the family and friends they refer the broker to.


  • Once you get past making it simple the rest is easyIt's a product that seniors want AND need.  It's a guaranteed issue plan from an A+ (AM Best) Rated carrier with competitive ratesNo Claim Forms.  There are no health questions on the easy application.  We are here to walk you through it.  We'll even sit in on a conference call with you and your prospect if you'd like.




  • After the sale is made and the policy is delivered it gets even easier.  You can relax and go write more business.  That's because we will take care of the service work for you.  We give your clients our post-paid envelopes for any correspondence they will need to send in and our 800 number to call with questions or to check on claims status etc.



If you'd like to join the hundreds of other brokers that we've helped become successful over the past 25+ years that we've been doing this act now.  Order your Initial Medicare Supplement Kit today and we'll ship it out via priority mail complete with everything you'll need.

When you order you'll also be sent an email with links to training materials, other information and downloads, everything you need to simplify your life and become successful in the senior market.

Are serious about making money in the senior market?  If so we can help.  Get started today!

Todd Concklin