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LRC and Associates

Introduction and Background

LRC and Associates' Philosophy:

"Give more in value and service to others than you ever expect to receive in return."

Now with over 30 years in the senior market (2014)!  Place your business where they really care.  Deal directly with those who have the most invested in your satisfacation.  A family-owned and run agency where you're taken care of like family!

Established in 1982, LRC and Associates incorporated in 1983 as Rosenberg-Concklin, Inc., d/b/a LRC and Associates.

As of November, 2006, Ron Concklin, President, completed thirty five years in the insurance business. His son, Todd, has worked with LRC since 1984.

Label Rosenberg, one of the original founders and currently an active associate, began his insurance career in 1973.

The building at 85 West Street was purchased in 1998 for LRC's corporate headquarters. Renovations were completed, the move was made and operations began from there on December 7, 1998.  Orginally built almost 100 years ago by Ron's wife's grandfather, the house was actually a Sears-Roebuck kit house.


The Agency represents various life and health companies and currently is licensed in 22 states. Insurance products are marketed to over 3,000 agents and brokers.

While the products marketed include life insurance, the Agency's specialty has been Medicare Supplement and Long Term Care including Home Care (only.)

With a strong desire to provide the best service possible, LRC has aligned itself with top quality insurance carriers that help deliver this level of service. By persisting at this goal, LRC has found that it needs only to compete with itself. It strives to be better today than it was yesterday.



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