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Hi Todd,

As a busy broker, I spend much time trying to "absorb" alot of marketing information.  By
spending 15 minutes on the telephone with you simplified the medicare supplement information.  You provided me with the tools to be resourceful.  It was productive and didn't take away time from what I get paid to do- selling!

Thank you,


Susan Sporn, Plainview, NY

Personal Webinar Testimonial - click here for more information on personal webinars

        Thank you for going over the medicare supplements. The webinar presentation was great, it cleared up lot of the questions I had. It made it easier to navigate thru the web page that you had sent.


Vincent - Plainview, NY

Over the last 13+ years you and your father have given me many referrals for both LTC and Medicare supplement insurance. I would say that 90% of these have resulted in sales, which are still on the books. In the last 2-3 weeks I sold 5 First United American policies, all referrals. Keep up the great work.

Ron Simonetti, Manorville, NY

Hey Ron & Todd:
Our relationship goes back at least fifteen years or so. I have found LRC & Associates to be honest, knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Ron deserves and A+ for his unique sense of humor, and Todd deserves and A+ for his e-mails on his personal life. I am proud to have known Concklin family and give them my highest recommendation.

Bill. Manus, Jr. - Port Jefferson, NY 11777

Hi, Todd,
Here it is and I mean every word of it.
I have placed my long-term care insurance business with LRC and Associates for over 15 years. Their knowledge of the senior market place and their quick and courteous service can't be beat. It is a pleasure working with them and I will remain a loyal user of their excellent services.

Barbara Fiscarel, CLU,ChFC, CSA - Brooklyn, NY

If Honesty, Integrity and Encyclopedic Knowledge on Medicare Supplements and LTC is what you are looking for, LRC's the one stop shop for you. After 15+ years I am continually amazed and in awe of the sheer volume and effort extended exclusively for the benefit of their agents and brokers.

Marvin Price - Las Vegas

Hi Todd,
I just wanted to thank you for suggesting the app assist program with William Penn! Having just submitted my first case this way, it is astounding the ease of use of the website and the reduction in paperwork needed on the agent's part to get the policies written. Just a few questions about the client and just click "submit"! That was it. They take care of the rest!

I trust your experience that the rest of the underwriting process will be as seamless as the start will help more agents try the program and see for themselves how easy it is to place business with William Penn.

Thanks again for your help enrolling me in this program. 

Jim Eckardt - Holtville, NY

It has been a pleasure working with LRC & Assoc. since 1993 selling First United American Medicare supplemental health insurance and LTC products. 

Your support with seminars, webinars, claims and referrals has been great, resulting in many sales.  These are complex products so it's important to have a complete knowledge of them and how they work because the clients who purchase them are planning to use them. 

My success rate with your referrals over the years has been 90-95% and these clients remain on the books.  For me this has resulted in a four digit check around the 15th of every month. 

Thanks again,


Ron Simonetti, Manorville, NY