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We've tried buying "leads" and didn't have much luck but we will be posting some new ideas for you here.  Keep checking back because I'm updating this page regularly.



You may think that postcards are outdated and ineffective, however recent studies show a growing trend in the resurgence of direct mail marketing via postcards.

With all the on-line keyword competition it makes perfect sense to use a low-cost off line approach, especially in the senior market where many of your clients and prospects don't have internet access.

  Postcards are an easy and affordable way to effectively promote your business. Use them to stay in front of customers and prospects with quick announcements, special offers and more. Mailing Services Available. Click here to get started.

While postcards are an important part of the marketing equation, their job is NOT to make the sale for you.   Their job is to create curiosity and cause people to complete one very important "call to action."

  • Find out why ugly post cards work way better then the full color glossy ones.
  • Find out the 6 words that must be on your postcard to make it work.

I've found a great printer who where you can design your own postcard, have them print it, purchase a list from them (or use your own) and have them mail it for you.  What a time saver.  They are offering a huge discount also.

 50% Off Postcards. Mailing Services Available.

How It Works

Basically, it's pretty simple

  • Find a targeted list (see resources below).
  • Create a postcard.  Remember the postcard's job is to create curiosity and have people call your 800 voice-mail number.  NOTE: Remember that in the insurance business your postcard will have to be in compliance with the insurance companies marketing rules - we have some for the Medicare Supplement products.
  • Create a voice recording on your 800 number voicemail and decide what call to action you want people to carry out.  ie. leave their name, address, number so you can send them an info. kit or call you live for a consultation etc.



  • - use elance to get bids on jobs you need done from computer programming, to typing, to voice-overs for your 800 voicemail.
  • - great 800# voice-mail company - low rates with many available features.
  • - great printer for everything from business cards to stationary to doing a full scale postcard mailing.  Use this link to get  50% Off Postcards. Mailing Services Available.
  • - Find the Mailing Lists you need to successfully reach your market.



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