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NEW JERSEY makes changes to
LTC Continuing Education
8 Hour Partnership Training Deadline

NOTE: In order to sell ANY LTCi in NJ, Partnership or otherwise, you will need to be certified.

Training Deadline:   

  • If Licensed On or After 2/17/2009:  Training Required NOW

  • If Licensed Before 2/17/2009: Training Required By 7/1/2009 

New Regulation adopted effective 2/17/09 making the
above changes to the NJ training deadlines.  Please deter-mine the deadline that pertains to you!


 The 3 links below will all take you to a vendor with approved courses. 

Insurance Study thru JH:   Vendor (Insurance Study) being offered by JH with a discount.  JH will also reimbursement course fees If you submit two pieces of business within 60 days of taking your training online.   

(FYI) JH is changing vendors as of 6/1/09.  The new vendor has not been announced.   Therefore if the producer takes the course with InsuranceStudy (current vendor) and is looking for the refund, it must be done before 6/1/09.


Sandi Kruise thru Genworth  Vendor (Sandi Kruise) is being offered by Genworth with a discount. 







Also Available Sandi Kruise 

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